Professor, Ph.D. (中文主页)
Software Engineering Institute
East China Normal University (ECNU), China
E-mail: tsu@sei.ecnu.edu.cn (work) / tsuletgo@gmail.com (permanent)
Address: Room B1103, Science Building

Ting Su is a Professor of Software Engineering Institute, East China Normal University, China (2020-). Previously, he was a postdoctoral scholar at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2019-2020), in the group of Prof. Zhendong Su. He worked as a postdoctoral research fellow with Prof. Yang Liu in Cyber Security Lab (CSL), NTU, Singapore (2016-2019). He got his Ph.D in computer science from East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai, China (2011-2016), and was surpervised by Prof. Jifeng He and Prof. Geguang Pu. He also had one-year visit in University of California, Davis (UCD), USA (2014-2015), and was advised by Prof. Zhendong Su. He also worked as a software engineer in Synopsys, and a research scientist in Rolls-Royce@NTU Research Lab (2016-2017). He is a recipient of 国家青年人才计划 in China.

His research focuses on developing effective methodologies, techniques and tools to improve software quality, reliability and security.

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His research work received generous support from Chinese NSF, Swiss NSF, Google, ByteDance, Ant Financial, NTUitive Gap Fund, and won four ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards (ICSE 2018, ASE 2018, ASE 2019, ISSTA 2023), 1 Google Faculty Research Award (2019-2020), 1 Best Research Prototype Tool Award (NASAC 2017, First Place), and 1 Golden Medal of ACM Student Research Competition (ICSE 2016, First Place). His research on symbolic execution has led to SmartRocket Unit, a commercial automated unit testing tool, which is serving many companies in China for testing industrial embedded software; his continuous research on mobile app analysis and fuzzing has led to several tools and dataset (Stoat (link), Themis, SetDroid, Genie) and some techniques have been adopted by ByteDance's FastBot fuzzing engine (more info).

I am always looking for well-motivated Postdoc, PhD, Master and Undergraduate students to join our research group. If interested, please feel free to drop me an email attached with your CV.