Professor, Ph.D. (中文主页)
Software Engineering Institute
East China Normal University (ECNU), China
E-mail: tsu@sei.ecnu.edu.cn (work) / tsuletgo@gmail.com (permanent)
Address: Room B1103, Science Building

Ting Su is a Professor of Software Engineering Institute, East China Normal University, China (2020-). Previously, he was a postdoctoral scholar at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2019-2020), in the group of Prof. Zhendong Su. He got his Ph.D in computer science from East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai, China (2011-2016), and was surpervised by Prof. Jifeng He and Prof. Geguang Pu. He also had one-year visit in University of California, Davis (UCD), USA (2014-2015), and was advised by Prof. Zhendong Su. He worked as a postdoctoral research fellow with Prof. Yang Liu in Cyber Security Lab (CSL), NTU, Singapore (2016-2019). He also worked as a software engineer in Synopsys, and a research scientist in Rolls-Royce@NTU Research Lab (2016-2017).

His research focuses on developing effective methodologies, techniques and tools to improve software quality, reliability and security.

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His research work received generous support from Chinese NSF, Swiss NSF, Google, ByteDance, Ant Financial, NTUitive Gap Fund, and won 3 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Awards (ICSE 2018, ASE 2018, ASE 2019), 1 Google Faculty Research Award (2019-2020), 1 Best Research Prototype Tool Award (NASAC 2017, First Place), and 1 Golden Medal of ACM Student Research Competition (ICSE 2016, First Place). His research on symbolic execution has led to SmartRocket Unit, a commercial automated unit testing tool, which is serving many companies in China for testing industrial embedded software; his continuous research on GUI testing/fuzzing has led to Stoat (link), a well-known, commonly-used (baseline) GUI fuzzing technique for finding crashing bugs in this field; Themis, the first ground-truth benchmark for evaluating automated GUI fuzzing techniques; SetDroid and Genie, fully-automated GUI fuzzing tools for finding non-crashing logic bugs. He is a recipient of National Youth Talent Award in China.

I am always looking for well-motivated Postdoc, PhD, Master and Undergraduate students to join our research group. If interested, please feel free to drop me an email attached with your CV.