Good Articles

Advice for early-stage Ph.D. students by Philip Guo (this also applies to master students).

9 Ways To Turn a Boring Topic Into An Engaging Presentation, by PETER KHOURY.

How to look for a research idea, by Zhiyun Qian.

Low-level advice for systems research, by Lalith Suresh.

Stress in Research. Part II: Research Worth and Self-Worth, by Charles Sutton.

Increasing Well-Being in Academia


  • A Bibliography of Papers on Android app testing (Google sheet).
  • A Bibliography of Papers and Tools on Data Flow Testing, maintained by myself.
  • A List of Code-based Test Generators, maintained by Zolt├ín MICSKEI.
  • A Bibliography of Papers on Symbolic Execution Technique and its Applications, maintained by Saswat Anand, another link
  • A List of Android research papers and tools, maintained by impillar.

  • Google Coding Style Guides, Research News, The Morning Paper
  • researchers: Philip Guo, Koushik Sen
  • labs: xuanwu_lab, SEAL
  • material: Introduction to Software Testing, Latex for ECNU PhD Thesis, Advice for researchers and students by Michael Ernst,