Software Engineering (软件工程实践), Spring 2021

Basic Information


1 March Introduction: Software Engineering pdf(PDF)
8 March The Object Model & Software Configuration Management pdf(见QQ群)
9 March Lab Lecture 1 & 2: Git, GitHub and class project Docs(见QQ群)
15 March Project Presentation & Discussion
22 March Requirement Engineering & Use Cases pdf(见QQ群)
23 March Lab Lecture 3: Requirement Analysis Docs(见QQ群)
29 March Understanding/Dividing the Problem & Software Architecture pdf(见QQ群)
6 April Lab Lecture 4: Software Architecture Docs(见QQ群)
12 April Domain Analysis and Modeling & Object Oriented Design Basics pdf(见QQ群)
19 April Design Principles & Patterns pdf(见QQ群)
20 April Lab Lecture 5: Domain Analysis and Modeling & Design Patterns Docs(见QQ群)
25 April Lab Lecture 6: Class Project
26 April Software Testing Basics & Test Coverage pdf(见QQ群)
9 May Software Testing: Input Space Partition and Graph Coverage pdf(见QQ群)
17 May Software Testing: Logic Coverage and Mutation Testing pdf(见QQ群)
18 May Lab Lecture 7: Software Testing Practice pdf(见QQ群)
24 May Research Talk on Software Testing: GUI Testing for Mobile Apps
29 May Industrial Interview: Software Engineering in Industry poster(见QQ群)
31 May Software Project Management pdf(见QQ群)
1 June Lab Lecture 8: Continuous Integration (CI) pdf(见QQ群)
7 June Class Project Presentations
14-15 June Course Reviews, Q&A



Acknowledgement: The most of course slides are adapted from Ivan Marsic's lectures from Rutgers University.